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Happy 30th Birthday, Kate McKinnon!! [Born January 6th 1984]

She’s awesome. I love her so much.

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Nothing better than a couple of twin twinks.

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James Avery — the beloved dad on “Fresh Prince of Bel Air" — has died at age 65 .. TMZ has learned.

Sources close to the actor tell TMZ he died in an L.A. hospital last night. Avery had recently undergone surgery for an undisclosed illness and took a turn for the worse late yesterday.

And we’re told … his wife, Barbara, had been at his bedside but left for a short period of time to get something to eat.  When she came back, she learned he had just died.

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if they dont play ‘year 3000’ at least once on the new year’s of 3000 i will literally rise out of my grave and set everyone on fire

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inspirational One Direction tweets - 2013

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harry styles remembers he forgot to turn the sink off at home

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Niall Horan in 2013

[Harry] [Liam] [Louis] [Zayn]

Man. This is beautiful.

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a role model for our youth


Showing us all how it should be done.

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